Born from the underground izakaya at Double Knot comes DK Sushi: a fine casual experience from Schulson Collective.



Eat Your Fish


DK Sushi offers a chef-driven menu of fresh, hand-rolled sushi to dine in or carry away. 

With individual rolls and specialty boxes, this is a high quality sushi experience offered in a casual, contemporary setting.

Chef Preparing Fish
Closeup of Chef Preparing Fish
Chef Preparing Sushi Roll

Each roll is handcrafted using classic techniques to ensure high-quality sushi every time.

Carry away individual rolls and specialty boxes, or sit barside and let the chef steer with omakase-style dining. Fine dining in a quick, casual environment -- it's a concept as simple as fish & rice.



Fish & Rice


Chef's Box
Crab California Roll
Toro Sashimi